Blind Faith, is a chronicle of my personal letters written from January to December 1970 to my friend and ecclesiastical mentor Chaplain LTC James Miller, stationed in Okinawa. He was my senior chaplain prior to my receiving orders to Vietnam. Time has past since I first wrote these letters and they have taken on an era of embellishment.

On reviewing the first manuscript, which was rejected by six of the best publishers in the country, my friend and English Literature professor, Academic Vice President and Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, Dr. J. V. McCrory suggested that the book needed some embellishment. Therefore, the embellishment has taken place in novel form at times. The main structure of the original book has not changed. Some additions to the content have been added to the letters to enhance and to better explain my changing point of view concerning my personal thoughts at the time.

I have taken liberty to include in these letters some of my past memories, retrospective actions and experiences while serving as an army chaplain. Names have been changed to protect various soldiers and commanders. Some have not been changed because I felt there was no reason to change them. Many names were changed because over time I have forgotten the names, but remember their faces and personalities.


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